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Gibson Serial Numbers - 1977 to Present

Dating a gibson firebird

Remember, the batch number is the first 4 digits of the FON, followed by a 1 or 2 digit sequence number within the batch. Prior to about mid, have small decal on bottom stating "Patent Applied For". Upper belly bridge above bridge pins: Year Last Number April 28, "A" style serial numbers as used from to So they had just put the year from 4 to 5. Also sometimes stamped was "CULL", which is another designation of a second.

Dating a gibson firebird

Volume and tone controls and pickup integrated into the pickguard. The exterior lubrication holes can be either small or large. The format consists of a three or four digit number, a hyphen, then a one or two digit batch number. Gibson Serial Numbers, In , Gibson forgot to put back the serial number range to For this reason, the array of four-digit serial number was exceeded after Note that all staining was done with water based aniline dyes directly on the wood. Most recently Gibson has copied the original 's Cal Girl case more exactly on their "historic" series reissues. Most humbucking pickups first year have no decal, and a more squarish stainless steel cover. Instruments made at Nashville are numbered beginning with each day. A mid's "Patent No. Also the handle changed from a leather covered metal to a hard molded plastic type about Serial numbers are seldon found on instruments made during WW2. Prior to WW2, many models have a distinctive "V" shape. Gibson serial number consistency was never given much thought, as Gibson changed serial number system many times. Kluson Deluxe Tuner specs models including 3-on-a-plate and "tulip" designs: Some high-end models and lapsteels from to have the letter A added to the prefixes D, E, or F. There were also some early 's brown reissue cases mostly for Les Pauls and Korina reissues that are starker versions of the Canadian reissue case. And the placement of these serial numbers and FON's factory order numbers can be different, depending on the era. Vintage reissue and custom shop models use a different serial number format. If there is a 6 digit ink stamped number, there is no embedded space as the serial number has exceeded and now occupies the place where the space existed in numbers and lower. The easiest way to find the year of a particular Gibson instrument is usually by referencing the instrument's serial number of factory order number. Gibson Factory Order Numbers, to The FONs were issued sequentially and provide a good way to date a Gibson guitar. If the instrument was a flat top guitar, this number was ink stamped inside the round soundhole on the inside back of the guitar.

Dating a gibson firebird

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    Sometimes this is difficult, but you have to look at the format of the number, and the general era of the instrument. Note the "-" after the "A" was dropped for the orange labels.

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    Does it have a pre-WW2 script "Gibson" logo?

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    Gibson Serial Numbers, early to mid 's.

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    Guitars with nickel or chrome hardware should have silver caps.

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