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How To Use The Mazda Connect Navigation System

Updating mazda3 navigation system

You may be asked to install the Mazda add-on. Wait at least 6 seconds after turning off the ignition. Step 3 Step 3. Steps for updating your software Remove the memory card from the car. Take the card to the computer that you are going to use to update the software on the card. Locate the navigation device in your car. See the online help for your firewall if the download is blocked. Insert the memory card again. Do not remove the memory card while the map is downloading.

Updating mazda3 navigation system

Insert the memory card again. Step 5 Update the navigation device with the latest software Turn on the ignition. If prompted, click Install to do so. It reminds you that you can make a backup of your memory card. Click Create account to continue. See the online help for your firewall if the download is blocked. Open the door by sliding it to the right. Note that this may take a few seconds. Click OK and then click Done. You can also make your own changes. In the example shown above there is a new software update for your navigation device as well as a Map Share update. If you see a yellow warning triangle, click on Log in now to see items for registered users. Then press the button on the right green. If the screen does not appear, try pressing the NAV button a few more times. You need to follow the steps below within 60 days after purchase to get this free service. Your navigation device is linked to your MyTomTom account. A progress bar will be shown. In most cars it is located on the left side of the steering wheel towards the door. The next screen shows the map that will be downloaded Downloading starts. Wait for this screen below to be shown. After all the items have been installed, click Done. See the manual for your computer for more information. See the manual for your computer. The first few times you remove the memory card you may need a bit more force than usual. You can now remove the memory card from the computer.

Updating mazda3 navigation system

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    Map Share is a free offering for our customers that provides free updates to the map that were reported and shared by other TomTom customers.

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    Step 3 Step 3. Make sure the computer does not go into an energy-saving mode as this will interrupt the download and installation.

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